Rexing V1 Wide Angle Dash Cam Review

In case you're another to driving, dashboard cameras for your vehicle might be a remark. They can be utilized to record stopping and driving mischances, safeguard against protection misrepresentation, or essentially catch any excellent view you may drive through. RexingUSA has an assortment of accessible dash cams you can look over models. The Rexing V1 might be a model to consider.


Here are the features of the Rexing V1 wide-angle dashboard camera recorder:

•1920×1080 full-HD 264 Photography Compression Technology.

• AR0330 170 degree six-layer glass focal point.

• A redesigned auto charger with an additional USB electrical plug.

• A straightforward and attentive dark plan.

• Multi-dialect bolster.

• Wide Dynamic (WDR) Technology.

• Gravity Sensor innovation naturally spares information to memory in case of a mishap.

• Loop recording that naturally overwrites the past film with the most up to date, in institutionalized three-minute portions to encourage video documenting.

Great things about this dash cam

The Rexing V1 has a high daytime picture quality at the cost. It's basic outline and dark shading give it a "stealthy" appearance when either mounted behind the rearview reflector on the dashboard. Setup is clear, making it simple to introduce and utilize immediately.

The amount is incorporated into the item and is effortlessly connected and withdrawn. It has a programmed on/off component which initiates the camera when the vehicle is begun. The dash cam has a simple to explore the menu and an unmistakable sound.

Clients additionally have the alternative to killing the audio.The circle recording is set at three minutes, yet can be changed in accordance with being made longer. The stopping highlight will begin to record if the auto is hit while stopped.

The Rexing V1 additionally accompanies a one-year restricted guarantee. RexingUSA has collected a notoriety for good client benefit and normally reacts to client inquiries and protestations within twenty-four hours of their getting them.

Less desirable things

While the daytime picture quality is high, the cameras night vision abilities require change. There have likewise been client protestations of video pressure being temperamental, and that keeping in mind the end goal to get tags the camera should be near the other vehicle for a discernible image.

The inner battery has a short life expectancy on the off chance that it isn't hardwired to the vehicle itself; the battery is proposed as a crisis control source as it were. The camera will require an outer power source when in use.The screen can be hard to see unless took a gander at straight on.

Drivers who might want to have a consistent visual through the camera may think that it's badly arranged to have it midway situated on the dash. Generally, this point can be hard to be accomplished with the included mount which while simple to join/confine, is genuinely static.

It is likewise hard to discover diverse re seller's exchange mounts for the V1. It's additionally critical to say that the V1 does not accompany a memory card included and one should be.


The V1 video quality is a blended pack. It is sharp and to a great degree stable, if not exactly as shading rich as what we've seen on other like-valued dash cams. Yet, we saw intermittent, mellow antiques when surrounding light conditions moved.

Either as a result of the separation between the windshield and the focal point, or the fairly wide survey edge, the camera additionally caught a bizarrely expansive measure of dashboard reflection.The night video created by the Sony Elmore sensor was great, particularly in low-light conditions.

Front light flare was a smidgen more diverting than we've seen from some other dash cams as of late, however positively superior to with the passage level cameras of two or three years back.

Once more, either the wide-edge focal point itself or its separation from the windshield, made the V1's pictures more helpless to contortion because of inside dampness or dampness outwardly, which we experience much of the time in foggy San Francisco.


The Rexing V1 is an able camera, yet too inadequately included to earn anything superior to normal stamps in our audit. The organization ensured I comprehended that it gives something that can be hard to come by with some dash cameras: specialized help.

On the off chance that my associations with the Connecticut organization are any sign, it ought to be very great. While this is a strong item that takes great video for not a considerable measure of money, the organization's V1LG is the vastly improved arrangement by and large.

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